AmiQuote 3.25 With Yahoo Historical Data

I have been using AmiQuote 3.25 since its release and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. However, I have found an anomaly when using it with Yahoo historical data.

  1. Download one (1) year of the index symbol ^NYA from Yahoo Historical using AmiQuote 3.25 (today is 10/7/2017)

  2. AmiQuote will return exactly what Yahoo presents

  3. Data for 10/5/2017 will be all zeros for all fields

  4. Now go to the website and using the default date range shown on the website of one (1) year, download the data.

  5. View the .CSV file in Excel and it will match the AmiQuote download exactly

  6. Now press the APPLY button on the website and then download the data

  7. Data for 10/5/2017 (and all other dates) will now be correct and not zeros.

AmiQuote just works! Yahoo is another story.

Is there any way AmiQuote can simulate pressing the APPLY button on the website after sending the user’s specific date range to ensure accurate data from Yahoo.

I shouldn’t even have to ask this of you if Yahoo had real programmers, but…

Thanks for your great software.