AmiQuote 3.32 is not assigning Sector and Industry using Yahoo


It's my first time to arrange Sector-Industries etc by myself.

The yahoo fundamental extra downloads data but not Sector and Industry. I could see only Sectors --> Services --> Advertising. That has got assigned to all the symbols.

Is it possible that AmiQuote could get Sector and Industry data correctly and import properly?

Thanks for your time.


The problem that you are referring to has nothing to do with AmiQuote! All that matters is the data provider.

Alternately, using OLE Scripts you can import fundamentals but that's some tedious work! Check the below section from the article - Using fundamental data:


AmiBroker allows also to import fundamentals using its flexible ASCII importer and/or OLE interface as all new fields are exposed as properties of Stock object.

ASCII importer $FORMAT command now supports the following extra fields for fundamental data:

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AmiQuote does not download sector information by design (as it is not part of fundamental data in the sense defined in docs).

Categorisation (sectors/industries) is handled separately as documented

And as written in the documentation:

Automatic setup and update of US stock database is available from Tools->Update US symbol list and categories menu.

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Hi, Tomasz.

I guess then it becomes a feature request for some future AmiBroker + AmiQuote versions. Reason being, this data is not available in my country easily. It's sitting on Yahoo but I can't get it (1000's of data points). Please do let me know if this can be implemented or even in case if it is not possible.

Thanks, again.

Thanks, Cougar. I was aware that AmiBroker now supports import of fundamental data. Problem is of procuring the same. Appreciate your response.

Fundamental data available from Yahoo are listed on "Statistics" page:

Anything that is NOT listed on that single page is NOT supported (now and in the future).

As I wrote previously:

Automatic setup and update of US stock database is available from Tools->Update US symbol list and categories menu.

and this comes from different source. Not from Yahoo. It comes from official Nasdaq pages and as such covers US markets.

For any other local market you need to find your own source.

No problem. Found download buttons on BSE (India Exchange) website. Just a lot of work. And repetitive when new companies get added.

Thanks for your reply.