AmiQuote 3.33 is released now

A new public version of AmiQuote 3.33 is released now.

Direct links: (129KB) – 32 bit version (177KB) – 64 bit version

NOTE: 64-bit version of AmiQuote now requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtime. You may need to download the runtime separately and install it, if you are installing AmiQuote stand-alone (without AmiBroker 6.28 64-bit or higher already installed). If you already have AmiBroker 6.28+ 64-bit you don't need to do anything.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.33 (as compared to version 3.31)

  1. Fixed after site change

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.31 (as compared to version 3.30)

  1. Added support for (OnDemand Bar Chart free quotes: {}) - free US stocks, futures intraday (one month) and EOD quotes. REQUIRES free Barchart API key signup: to be entered in the Tools->Settings. Free account allows to download upto 150 symbols per day
  2. Now defunct Google Intraday option removed

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I know you don't want to break peoples existing OLE code, but could I humbly request that AQ's OLE call to download source get the addition of a Call by String as well as "Source Index"? Since these calls (once a source is added or changed) would/could corrupt databases for people with automated scripts etc. Adding a call by source STRING would never break.

Just a thought.