AmiQuote 4.02 released

A new public version of AmiQuote 4.02 is released now.

Direct links: (234KB) – 32 bit version (289KB) – 64 bit version

NOTE: 64-bit version of AmiQuote now requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtime. You may need to download the runtime separately and install it, if you are installing AmiQuote stand-alone (without AmiBroker 6.30 64-bit or higher already installed). If you already have AmiBroker 6.30 64-bit you don't need to do anything.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.02 (as compared to version 4.01)

  • in 4.01 the message about problem with connection was always displayed if AmiQuote was not registered. Now trial allows to download data for upto 10 stocks (as previously)
  • when AmiQuote was launched from OLE AmiQuote attempted to load custom data sources from current working directory which was set by OLE to C:\Windows\system32 or similar. Now when launching from OLE the current working directory is changed automatically to EXE dir.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.01 (as compared to version 4.00)

  • fixed Yahoo Fundamental Extra after web site change

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.00 (as compared to version 3.33)

New Generation of AmiQuote, now allows User-definable data sources for complete freedom of choice and quick adoption to data sources that appear on the web as well as existing sources changing their API:

  • UI: New top-level menu: Data sources: New/Edit/Delete/Import/Export
  • UI: New Data source creation/editing dialog allowing definition of user-defined sources
  • UI: Export and Import of Data source definitions allowing easy sharing of definitions between users
  • Removed defunct Google Finance built-in source
  • Removed built-in source (it can re-added as user-defined)
  • Added example importable data source definitions in "DataSources" folder (AlphaVantage, Tiingo Intraday IEX and more)

Full documentation on new features is included in the AmiQuote Read Me.

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