Amiquote 4.10 (javascript) - adding request header

Hi, is there any way to add a request header to the GET request in Amiquote?

For example I'm trying to call a Binance API with a URL string like:

But the API key isn't in the URL request string - it's in a header like:
{'APIKEY' = '4fm0PMoY99a8udnaZrGqE'}

Is there any way this can be added? I imagine other API's would have similar requirements.

For what it is worth - the link worked without header too. As to the question - currently there is no option for user-defined headers but it will be added soon. BTW: Javascript in AmiQuote is used only to process response(s), not to send requests.

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Thanks Tomasz - their doco said it needed an API key so I didn't even try without one!

Binance requires the start/end time to be in unix epoch format (e.g. 1633795783 for now). Are you able to add new variables for {from_epoch} and {to_epoch}? That'd open up a heap of other doors.

I'm sure we'd all be happy to share any data sources we build so they can be added to future releases.

Just seconding the need for user defined headers. Thanks for your work here, this was a big step for amiquote!