Amiquote activation key

Does anybody know to how contact Amibroker for the activation key of Amiquote?

I bought it years ago with an activation key. Unfortunately, my computer crashed taking with it all the Amiquote data. I recently upgrade Amibroker to the latest pro version ($169). Included in it is Amiquote, but only the trial version while asking me to fork out $99 for the full version. I don't need the latest and greatest version, just want my own version back. I've been trying to contact Amibroker, including Tomaz to no avail. All I got back was an auto-reply telling me to download the 64bit key for my Amibroker.

Any sales (licensing /ordering/account status) inquiries should be addressed to:

Btw, if you use some free data sources like Yahoo, your old version will no longer work since they changed things and only recent versions of AmiQuote are capable of downloading the data correctly.
See the AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions, AmiQuote 3.31 is released now and similar previous topics to learn more about changes.

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We didn't have an official announcement but going from last year's one, it is holidays and festive season so the auto-reply is ok until everyone is back to work.

They maybe handling only the critical support for now.

@Louies It is New Year Holiday now.

Believe or not but we are humans and deserve one or two days off. Support works Monday-Friday excluding public holidays.

Besides the email that you use for the forum is NOT registered neither for AmiBroker nor for AmiQuote. And I have checked and we have NOT received any email from the address that you use on the forum.

Please contact support from REGISTERED email.

It is advised to use registered email address on the forum as well, otherwise we don't know who you are.

As explained in AmiQuote Frequenty Asked Questions, AmiQuote comes with separate license (separate purchase $99 one time fee)

AmiBroker Professional license does NOT include AmiQuote.

Only AmiBroker Ultimate Pack includes licenses for add-on programs (AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard).

It is clearly explained in and AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions

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