Amiquote Auto-Update Stopped Working


The function Tools > Auto-update quotes (AmiQuote) has become unresponsive after I saved my Watch Lists as a new .tls file named 'Watchlists' in Amibroker's 'Amiquote' directory. Since then, nothing happens when I am trying to start the update.

This is what my folder looks like (including a fishy .TMP file). What have I broken by saving my ticker lists?


Thank you for your help.

For the purpose of guiding anyone that would run into the same problem, I ended up reinstalling Amiquote (no need to do so under Adminstrator mode).

This fixed the problem.

Note that some antiviruses do damage to your system, see: Bad Image (0xC000020) error - McAfee gone mad

Any weird behavior is likely caused by 3rd party programs like antiviruses that nowdays do really crazy things. We recommend Windows built-in Defender. At least it does not damage files out of the blue.


I’ve never seen or used an anti virus that actually did anything useful. Been a decade atleast since I’ve used anything besides defender and some Common sense.

They do nothing but bump heads with defender turning each other on and such, throwing false positives and never stopping any actual threat.

Perhaps my computers full of virus but simply not torrenting and watching the software I choose has kept my machines trucking along.

People need to realize that when you start downloading cracked software, that guy isn’t honest and god knows what he’s got tucked in there.

And e-mails, I laugh at the amount of junk I get these days. Their so pathetic but they must work or they wouldn’t keep sending them out.