Amiquote download issue observed today

I am using Amiquote 3.23 and today I observed an issue with download.
I am downloading data through Yahoo Finanace EOD for NSE India.
on 28th Aug at 01:00AM, I downloaded data with from-to date as 01.01.2000 till 28.01.2017. Data was downloded sucessfully till 25th Aug '17 which was friday. But I noted that there is a small horizontal line for 28th Aug which has same value of 25th Closing Price (NSE market was not opened so I was not expecting any bar or mark of 28th when I ran this tls ).
On 28th Aug, late evening, I again run the same tls file to update the EOD data for 28th August. But I find that no data for 28th Aug is updated i.e. previous data was not overwritten by new data. This is a bit strange.

Has anyone faced same issue?

uploaded the screenshot.Capture


Nothing is strange there. The only strange thing is that you just do not seem to be able (to understand?) or do seem to be too ignorant to read the available AmiQuote FAQ.

Too much text?

And specifically:

This has been answered hundreds of time already (including at old Yahoo group).

What do you see at yahoo page for your symbol?
Do you see any more data at Yahoo itself? No?
What’s that fact got to do with AmiQuote?
It just downloads data that is there. If there is not anything (more) there then AmiQuote will not guess new data “here”. That’s the resolution of the whole “miracle” (again).

Do your homework finally (please!).