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Hi Tomasz,

It's been awhile since I have visited these forums. I recognize that Yahoo Current has not been available for some time now ,and it sounds like Google Intraday has also disappeared. However, Yahoo Current is still actually available if one wishes to manually run Yahoo Historical throughout the trading day. As a Canadian trader, Yahoo is the only option that I am aware of available that once offered free delayed current Canadian quotes, using AmiBroker. In the past, I and others were able to have AmiBroker scan automatically during the day and send customized scan alerts to our email, based on their free delayed quotes. This was an extremely powerful feature of AmiBroker for someone who is unable to watch the markets every second. When you can’t watch the market constantly anyway, a 15 minute delayed free quote or alert message is more than sufficient. I had AmiBroker and AmiQuote set up to run periodically during the day, so that my scan automatically analyzed the delayed current day quotes and notified me of buy/sell alerts on the stocks it was watching. To restore the functionality that was lost with the elimination of Yahoo Current, AmiQuote users just need access to the presently grayed out "Run every" feature, when AmiQuote is set to Yahoo Historical. Making this feature available for Yahoo Historical would restore a key functionality that made me choose AmiBroker in the first place. I am confident this would be a welcome feature for customers, since free access to delayed quotes in both the US and Canadian markets is a very attractive opportunity for both exisitng and new customers. While I don't wish to oversimplify the programming required to make this change, it would restore to your existing US and Canadian customers a powerful means to scan current markets and trigger alerts when they were away from their PC "for free". Originally, AmiQuote and the Amibroker AFL code offered this sort of functionality, and it is one of the key reasons I chose AmiBroker in the first place. I recognize that Yahoo and Google are the culprits in this situation, not the software. But the loss of the ability to receive free delayed stock alerts during the trading day has had a significant impact on many of us who regularly used this data with your products. I simply wish to avoid paying fees for real-time US and Canadian quotes, when free 15 minute delayed quotes are more than sufficient for my purposes.

I really think AmiBroker is an incredibly powerful piece of software and I spent a lot of time learning the AFL code and building scans, but I work and am unable to sit by my PC all day long and manually run AmiQuote against Yahoo Historical. Particularly, when the change I am suggesting is a functionality I know already exists in the AmiQuote software. Given the capability, power and functionality of your products, I regret the months that they have sat idle on my desktop, since Yahoo complicated things for you and I. I realize that at some point Yahoo might eliminate the Historical feed too, but in the meantime it would give customers, like me, a reason to start regularly using your products again and to consider upgrades. I remain hopeful that you'll consider this suggestion, and allow the “Run every” feature for Yahoo Historical in a future AmiQuote update.


I am reluctant to add this because repeating same requests over and over programmatically may lead to counter-measures from Yahoo side to protect their servers (that would not surprise me). Instead we should be looking for alternatives. How about for example: they seem to have Canadian data too for $50/month (I just found them now did not check them yet in detail)

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Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for taking the time and effort to reply, and research a potential option I wasn’t aware of. Intrinio does offer a real-time data feed for the Toronto Stock Exchange and Canadian Venture at $110 CDN month. They also have an intraday service, but it doesn’ appear that it is offered to individuals. In any case, whatever the total costs for access to delayed intraday US and Canadian market quotes, they still are significant, when free options are readily available. The yearly costs of intraday or real-time market quotes to replace freely available delayed intraday is not extremely persuading, particularly when your software has the ability to offer free intraday quotes through Yahoo.

Before sending my request, I also considered the possibility that making the change I requested might cause Yahoo to stop offering free quotes altogether. That is entirely possible, but they could also do that regardless of any changes made to AmiQuote. The current Historical server now provides daily intraday prices throughout the trading day, exactly like the Current server used to. Yahoo may have simply decided to eliminate the cost of running two servers by just providing exactly the same information on one more powerful server. Even then, AmiQuote users are not the only ones making calls against the Yahoo servers on a daily and repeated basis. I am far less concerned about Yahoo’s willingness to offer free services in the future, than the value your software can offer your customers today.

I have done my share of programming during my career, and am pretty confident the change that I have suggested would not be a huge effort, since this functionality already exists for other feeds and did exist in Amiquote for Yahoo Current. Your customers won’t hold you personally responsible for the actions Yahoo may, or may, not take in the future. If that even happens, I’d welcome your suggestion of paid alternatives, like Intrinio, then. Not all your customers are active day traders who can justify paying for real-time market data, when free delayed intraday quote services would suffice. It was AmiQuotes access to free market data and the software functionality of AmiBroker that attracted me to purchase your software in the first place, and it didn’t disappoint! It exceeded my expectations. Without AmiQuote, I would have had far more software alternatives to consider, since most others required the kind of paid quote services you are now suggesting as alternatives. I don’t wish to sound critical. I am just trying to share my perspective, as a customer. Not a software developer. I recognize that supporting access to free market data has likely been a headache, but it is of significant monetary value to a segment of your customers, and I am not sure whether you recognize that. If I am going to have to spend at least 4x the purchase price of your software to use it (every year), it will force me to re-evaluate my software alternatives, not my data alternatives. That is not my preference.

I’d really encourage you not to underestimate the customer value of the change I requested. It enhances your product offering for those customers who do not wish to pay for a quote service that Yahoo still offers for free. Not only can this attract new customers (like it did me), but it might encourage some of your existing customers to more seriously consider purchasing an upgrade from time to time, with the money they’re saving. Lost revenue is something businesses often have significant difficulty quantifying, without customer feedback. I think that my suggestion is at least worthy of your serious consideration, if for no other than selfish reasons. I really do appreciate the immense work you’ve done on these incredible software products. I can’t even imagine the effort it has required to accomplish what you have, and on top of that respond to customers like me (with all their different opinions and perspective), across these forums.

All the best, and continued success!

@stockpix, as a workaround, you may evaluate the possibility to invoke AmiQuote via a script that is launched automatically, during the trading hours, every X minutes, by the Windows Task Scheduler.

Such a script will request only the last bar to the Yahoo Historical service to get the current day delayed quotes (updated from time to time).

Subsequently, when the market is closed, you have to run an additional update to get the correct EOD prices and volume data.

I did a test, and it worked well (my database "Base Time Interval" is set to End-of-Day).

I used it with the "open" instance of AmiBroker, and as such, there is the limitation that, during the trading session, you are supposed to work only with the database that will be regularly updated.

In any case, it is important to not to overdo it, for the reasons indicated above, and to avoid the show up of the Wait and continue dialog!

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Hey Beppe,

You're right, that would be a workaround, so I still view that as less desirable. Nonetheless, it might get AmiQuote users back to where they once were. I haven't tried your suggestion yet. I'd have to look up how to use it and then test it to see if it works for my purposes. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this suggestion. It would be a lot more straightforward, if this feature was simply enabled in AmiQuote. Given the delayed nature of the quotes and the fact I am not able to stare at a computer screen each minute, I only ever make a call against Yahoo every 15 mins, which is 26 calls against Yahoo a day. The feature could even have a limit like no more than every 10-15 minutes, for that matter. This has never been a problem in the past. While I continue to hope that things will eventually be simplified in AmiQuote, customers have no other choice but to try the approach you propose, if they wish automated access to free intraday quotes.

The thing I find perplexing about the current situation is the concern for Yahoo and what they might do, if we access services they offer for free. Why should AmiQuote customers have to use paid services so that Yahoo can offer free services to others? I am still having trouble grasping the reasoning behind this suggestion. I guess your workaround would demonstrate whether those customers who use AmiQuote the way I do will actually cause Yahoo to stop offering free quote services. When they do, and not before, is the point at which I'd be prepared to consider paid "alternatives". The Intrinio service Tomasz suggested didn't indicate that intraday quotes were even offered to individuals, so that wasn't really an actual alternative. I'd need to have my head examined if I was willing to spend upwards of $1200 a year for real-time information when intraday data is all I require and it is available from Yahoo for free, at the flip of a switch. Not every customer is a system or day trader, willing to pay for and make use of real-time quotes.

Without the requested feature, all my past effort and Tomasz products would have stayed mothballed, another year. Now, if I can figure out how to get your suggestion to work, I guess I'll be back to thank you for this feature!


Hi Tomasz,

When I recently expressed my interest in accessing free delayed Intraday quotes from Yahoo, you suggested I spend over a thousand or more a year to access data that Yahoo currently provides for free. In isolated comments across these support forums, I have read the disappointment of other users over the loss of access to free data, since this was one of the reasons they purchased AmiQuote. Even on your web-site, customers who are thinking of purchasing AmiQuote are told they will have access to Yahoo current and intraday quotes, although AmiQuote no longer offers the same flexibility and functionality users once enjoyed. Not because of Yahoo, but because of AmiQuote. Personally, I think it is inaccurate for the Yahoo feed to be called Yahoo Historical, when it is really a delayed-intraday feed. In my view, AmiQuote should allow the same functionality as it allows for Google Intraday. Because the “Run every” feature is not enabled in Yahoo, Canadian customers no longer have access to free intraday quotes for use in their automated market analysis and alerts. This lack is not a function of a users choice of data feed, it is a lacking software feature.

Rather than address my request directly, you suggested I pursue paid data feed alternatives. In the absence of a direct explanation for your reluctance, perhaps you are concerned about the volume of requests Yahoo might receive. I’m confident Yahoo has the means to restrict anyone who chooses to abuse their use of free services, and doesn’t require help from AmiQuote. With the settings I and others use, we consistently download thousands of free intraday quotes in one pass without issue. What would anybody think if they were told not to use Google Search, because the number of requests they made each day might end the free service Google presently offers? Would anyone stop using Google search? No. While I do appreciate your effort to identify alternative paid data feeds for delayed intraday quotes on the Canadian market, neither Tiingo or Intrinio provided access to the markets or type of quote I required, which Yahoo offers for free. As things stand right now, I am forced to use a java script in windows task scheduler to work around the limitation AmiQuote currently imposes to my requirement for access to free intraday quotes. That was not my preference and not nearly as elegant as the functionality your software once offered. Should Yahoo stop offering free quotes someday in the future, I am quite prepared to live with that on my conscience. Would you at least be willing to explain to me, and others, the basis for your reluctance to restore the “Run every” feature we once relied upon? A feature that is presently enabled for Google Intraday, but not for Yahoo. Reluctance is a word that communicates to me the possibility that you are at least willing to consider my request. I remain hopeful.


Unfortunately what you write is a manipulation intended to push your point of view and force me to implement your "suggestion" (or should I rather say "demand"). You do not like the fact that you need to click on the "download" button manually and that is all the pain you have and reason for this tirade.

But what you write is wrong - I did not tell you to do anything and definitely did not say to spend money on Intrinio - Yahoo data are available and you can download them everyday by clicking a button in AmiQuote. And if you re-read my first answer you would see that I did not tell you to use Intrinio. I just said:

I just found them now did not check them yet in detail

And this is so far away from telling anyone to use them as it can only be. As always good deed (searching for alternatives) goes punished.

The "run every" feature that you are evangelizing has nothing to do with availability of data.

It is just about convenience (not needing to click the button).

I already explained why I am reluctant to implement "run every" in this case. But this kind of hard pushing and eristic tricks do not work on me (just the opposite - I really don't like this kind of rhetoric). I am (like probably any other person) more likely to respond positively if somebody does not push me.

PS. As @beppe wrote above, you don't even need to click the button as automation including running batch or Windows scheduler or script are available for you to use if you don't want any clicks.

I've got nothing more to add besides that proper place for suggestions is the feedback center anyway (in the members zone).

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