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I did the update but still have the problem.
The aqg.format file didn't update

This means you installed AmiQuote in incorrect directory or installed wrong version of AmiQuote (32-bit instead 64-bit or the other way round). You need to install MATCHING version of AmiQuote and into proper directory (that is auto-suggested by setup program) see

Alternatively you can just edit aqg.format file yourself (swap close and open).

Good Day,

I have been successfully using Amiquote ( Registered Edition ) to download Quandl data for some time now. Recently one of my data providers on Quandl discontinued support for the "Timeseries" API calls and now only supports the "Tables" API. The effect being that Amiquote no longer works with this data set. ( Other Quandl datasets work fine ).

I was wondering if anyone has experience with this or can point me in the right direction to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Please tell us exactly what stopped working (URL to Quandl page please).

My AB and AQ are both registered, and afaik AB is properly installed, but when I go to download a quote from Yahoo historical, I get...


If I uncheck auto-import, the data downloads but I don't have a way of getting it into AB, unless I do it manually. Please help.

@C_M I have seen this error in some other applications in my office. It could have happened because of many reasons but the best way around this is to backup the data and uninstall Amibroker.

Then install again. It will register all the Classes once again.

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As far as AmiBroker is considered, there is never any need to uninstall anything.

If you want to make FULL install, you don't need to uninstall anything. To perform full install it is perfectly enough just to re-run the setup program and run it in "Full Installation" (not "Upgrade") mode as shown in the picture below:

Also typically OLE registration issues are caused by 3rd party software like "registry cleaners". Do NOT use them.

If OLE registration is removed by 3rd party "cleaners" there is easy way to fix that - run the program (AmiBroker) as admin (right click on icon and choose "Run As Administrator..." (even if you are already on the admin account).


Hi, @Tomasz

I installed 2 amibrokers and amiquote at 2 different locations of the same pc.
when I update amiqute, it failed to update amibroker database. I tried all above step you mentioned.

Is there any other method?

@Tomasz or any experienced Amiquote users in the forum. I would like to know the best practices to use Amiquote.

For example in the NSE (India) there are around 1800+ listed companies. So do i need to add all of these to Amiquote and can i download from 2006 to 2021 in a single go?

What is the limitation in terms of number of stocks that i can add?

What is the date range to select for the added stocks?

After that for a daily update do i need to change setting to "Append Existing Files" and then keep updating for the day or delta days from my last download?

Please suggest.

NOTE: I am new user of Amiquote.


The answer is given in this thread:

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Thank you, thank you Tomaz. Amibroker is a very great program. I have been banging my head for two days. Being unable start Amiquote from OLE.. I just got strange errors. Run As Administrator Amiquote solved everything. Now I have learned another thing about Amibroker ;). Thanks again Tomaz.

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Stay'll come.

Hi Everyone,

I would like to confirm several items regarding AmiQuote. I'm using Amibroker v6.40.4 and AmiQuote v4.10.

1. Different symbol list between AmiQuote and database used in Amibroker

I used "Get tickers from Amibrokers" in AmiQuote and below is the result:

I noticed that some of the tickers in database are not retrieved in AmiQuote, such as AALI, ABBA, etc.
Below are the database used in Amibroker:


Please kindly inform what cause this differences.

2. Import Fundamental Data to Amibroker with different ticker

Based on the following thread:

Based on my understanding, there is no symbol translation table available for Yahoo Fundamental Extra New, therefore we have to add the correct symbol directly to retrieve the fundamental data from Yahoo Finance. After we download the fundamental data, please kindly inform how to import such information to Amibroker given that the symbol is different (e.g., Yahoo Finance is AALI.JK but database is AALI), if I used Import into Amibroker, the symbol with ".JK" were added as if it was new symbol.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


You might be using TWO instances or TWO installations of different kind (32-bit and 64-bit) and AmiQuote retrieves info FROM OTHER instance (other than you think it is).

Hi @Tomasz ,

I installed both Amibroker and AmiQuotes in new notebook and both are 32-bit and I did not copy the folder from old notebook to minimize any user error.


In addition, is there any way to check which database retrieved by the AmiQuote?
Please kindly advise. Thank you.


AmiQuote always retrieves data from the FIRST running instance of AmiBroker.

Hi @Tomasz ,

Since this is first installation for both Amibroker and AmiQuote, I think this is the first running for both programs. However, do you have any suggestion how can I check or fix this issue? Should I re-install both programs?

And assuming that the symbols are still different, it can be solved by manually create the symbol list. However, back to my initial post, is there any way to import the fundamental data from AmiQuote with different symbol with the database used in Amibroker (e.g., AALI.JK to AALI)?

Thank you for your kind assistance.



There is an Alias field in symbol window of AB. You can add the yahoo symbol name to it and both will refer to the same data.

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Hi @nsm51 ,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will try the solution discussed in the following thread (in case there are other beginner users face same challenges).

Adding Alias,Round Lot Size and Tick size
Changing Information content for several symbols at once (OLE example)

Once again, thanks @Tomasz and @nsm51 !!


Hi Everyone,

I have update the Alias in Amibroker using Beppe's solution in this thread (Adding Alias,Round Lot Size and Tick size) and imported the AmiQuote result.
However, I noticed several things below:

1. Difference between AmiQuote download result with Yahoo Finance

I noticed that some figures are different between AmiQuote download and Yahoo Finance.
Amiquote Result

Yahoo Finance - BBRI

2. Different mapping to Amibroker

When I imported the data to Amibroker, it seems that the mapping is different (not in the right place).

Imported figure

Please kind advise. Thanks!