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When I try to download 'Yahoo Fundamental - Extra' for US stocks I get a status 'YahooFinance offers no key statistics for this symbol'. I am new to AmiQuote and have downloaded quotes without issues but I wonder if there is anything I should do on my PC (browser, etc) to get it working? I have searched previous posts but none shows it as an ongoing issue. I can't find any additional instructions on the AmiQuote Help either.


You should read this:

AmiQuote just works. Really. Each and every time all "problems" are on the user side.

If you need further help you need to do the homework and describe the steps you did as we don't have magic mirrors and can't see your computer screen: How to ask a good question

What symbol did you try? Did you open Yahoo Finance and did you go to "Statistics" page for particular symbol? Are the data there? Turn OFF your antivirus and retry. Or better yet just use Windows Defender. In pretty much all cases, assuming that data are present on Yahoo, the reason for problems is antivirus and/or firewall that prevents connections/affects content of downloaded pages/etc.

Indeed, I paused my McAfee Antivirus for 15mins and it worked fine, and I didn't need to restart my PC. I have downloaded fundamental data for symbols on the LSE and NASDAQ without any issues.
Many thanks for your help.

McAfee is so bad that it actually harms your computer: Bad Image (0xC000020) error - McAfee gone mad

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