Amiquote Google Intraday ASX Data Missing Close Price


It appears that Google Intraday data downloaded via Amiquote , at least for Australian Stock Exchange, does not show the correct Closing Price at the end of the trading day.

Data downloaded by Amiquote, as per screenshot below, shows the last trade for ABC stock to be at 4pm and the close price of 6.9 - see the red arrow.


Yet, the web information from Google web (and Google Sheets) shows the closing price to be 6.92 at 4:10 pm, as per the image below:


Below is data as obtained from Google Sheets


So the closing price, as imported by Amiquote, is different to the actual closing price. Downloads by Amiquote do not include market data past 4pm (end of normal trading day for ASX). The closing price, generated at 4:10pm, is missing.

I am not sure what the problem is. At a guess, I would say that Amiquote uses different source of Google intraday data to that used by Google Sheets or Google Web - but this is only speculation rather than knowledge.

Whatever the cause, the result is not satisfactory nor usable.

I hope that someone has resolved this problem and if so, could you please share your solution for the benefit of all.

Thank you kindly,

Could this be the cause? Correction for dividend?

Hi PWFores,
Thanks for the suggestion. No, I don't think this is due any dividend related matters.

This problem occurs every day with all stocks downloaded by Amiquote from Google Intraday and the difference is most likely because of the following:

I do believe that Google intraday data for all Exchanges (not just Sydney ASX) are not captured pass the Normal Trading time. For ASX, the normal trading time is 10am-4pm as it can be seen below. The closing prices are however determined by the Closing Single Price Auction that happens between 4pm and 4:12pm.

Unfortunately, the most important price of the day, namely the Close price is not captured by Google Intraday and therefore not downloaded by Amiquote.

The Close price is often different to the last traded price that, hence the difference.

My problem is to find a way to obtain the actual Closing price for the day, not the Last Traded price at the close of trading. The last Traded price counts for nothing, where as the Closing price is everything.

I hope that someone of the forum has found a solution to this problem, that is evident on all exchanges.

Here are the Australian Stock Exchange market phases. Similar to all other World exchanges, Closing prices are determined by Auction betwen 4:10 and 4:12pm