Amiquote JSON XML Format


I have a data vendor providing API which gives data in JSON or XML output.
Is there a way I can bring & automate this download into Amibroker using Amiquote?
I was earlier using Quandl with CSV output & custom ASCII definition which can be defined in Amiquote but unfortunately that dataset has been deprecated in Quandl so I am searching for alternate options which are so far either mostly JSON or at max XML in few cases.


No, currently AmiQuote only allows plain text CSV, and does not allow JSON or XML, but given growing popularity of JSON a new AmiQuote will support JSON and more because it will become scriptable (will have ability to write "formulas" that transform data from one format to another).


Thanks Tomasz. I look forward to the new Amiquote (I currently have v4.06). Is the new release expected this year?

Yes it will be released this year.


AmiQuote 4.10 ALREADY handles JSON