AmiQuote not loading WatchList for data download

For some reason AmiQuote is not recognizing the existence of my most recently created Watchlist in AmiBroker which I would like to use as a daily download list. In the past I would load Watchlists into AmiQuote with these keystrokes: AmiQuote>File>Open>Look In:Watchlists>then choose a Watchlist name from my roster of Watchlists in AmiBroker. The Watchlist which I created today is not in the list but the old Watchlists still are. Even when exiting AmiBroker and AmiQuote and turning the computer off/on the problem still remains. How to proceed ?

Maybe you have created watch list somewhere else or maybe your antivirus gone crazy and deleted watch list file. It is your computer. No-one else sees your computer screen
and knows what is happening on your end.

You might check for "virtual store" folder that Windows might create if software wasn't installed properly in first place, see: