Amiquote on Multiple Desktops

When I have more than one desktop open in Windows 10, a single instance of Amibroker will appear on each desktop instead of only where it was opened. This is unlike Amibroker which shows on the original desktop.

Is that really what you wanted to write? Or maybe you meant AmiQuote instead? How about version numbers? Or screenshot? See How to ask a good question

Sorry, I meant multiple windows for AmiQuote ver 3.33 running on Windows 10 ver 1809 17763.437. AmiQuote shows on all the desktops. If I close AQ on any desktop, all the AQ windows an all the desktops are closed.

AmiQuote does not do that by itself. You must have some kind of screen "cloning" enabled in Windows. AmiQuote opens just one window.