AmiQuote & Tiingo - process for distribution-adjusted mutual fund data?

Hello all,
I'm downloading historical and current data for a few thousand US mutual funds from Tiingo (with auto import). I've been doing a full download/overwrite daily but I burn through my allowed bandwidth before the month-end. Of course, I can pare down my ticker list, but was wondering if there is a better way to do this.

If I do a single download for the past history, then switch to Current/Daily going forward, will AmiQuote use the divcash and splitfactor fields in the Tiingo data file to backward-adjust the existing historical files, so I would just need to download the latest daily price? I've searched the forums and cannot find this specifically addressed anywhere.


I somehow missed this in my searching:

So, the answer to the question is NO...there is no back-adjustment process. The solution is to re-download the entire history for any security that posts a distribution.

I modified the aqtc.format file, moving the raw close to the volume field, and mapping the divcash and splitratio into Aux1 and Aux2 fields, respectively. Then I created an exploration that scans the database and saves any security with a distribution to a watchlist (Distribution=Aux1>0 OR Aux2 != 1;). So now, after a daily download of only the most recent day's data, I can run the exploration, load that watchlist into AQ, and re-download the entire history. This should greatly reduce my bandwidth consumption.

Next step is to try and automate the process with a batch file!

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In the message you quoted it is said:

you need to re-download entire history for particular symbol (or use Symbol->Split).

So there is back-adjustment option available, but it is triggered manually. (Newest AmiBroker 6.40 also has OLE Adjust() method to perform adjustments programmatically)