AmiQuote translation table issue

Hi there,

I have some Chinese stocks that I need to either download from Yahoo or Tiingo. For example, a stock is coded as 300159.SZ on Yahoo, but on Tiingo it is coded as 300159. I try to use translation table in AmiQuote to make this work. I entered either 300159,300159.SZ or the other way around as 300159.SZ,300159 into the translation table, but none of this input line works for EOD. In fact, same problem with Yahoo, if I enter stock as 300159.SZ, without translation table line, it downloads the data correctly, but as soon as I entered into translation line as either 300159,300159.SZ, or 300159.SZ,300159, nothing downloads. It always complain symbol not found.

Any idea what I did wrong? Any pointer is very much appreciated. I looked all over the webs but could not find any documention on this.


Please ignore my post. I got it to work. The order of inputing information is important to make it work.

To face Google current failure, I am trying to update my EOD database using Yahoo and translation table.
My database has Google tickers, for example NASDAQ:MSFT. I create a table for Yahoo with the line:
I download successfully the MSFT data from Yahoo but instead of updating my NASDAQ:MSFT ticker, it creates a new MSFT ticker.
Where is my mistake?

For US stocks, you do not need any market name in front of the stock ticker. Just MSFT will work on both Google and Yahoo. That is what I am using.

Regarding the translation line, it looks ok to me. Not sure where the issue is. Could it be that you did not choose the right “For:” for the right source of market in the translation table:


Thank you for your answer.
I have tried different configurations but none of them is working. Either it does not find the ticker on internet (which is logical if you give a wrong pair) or it imports a new ticker instead of updating the existing one.

OK, I got it.
My translation table was right but I was not searching the right ticker.