Amiquote v4.05 - fundamental data download - no key statistics error message

I was trying to download fundamental data using amiquote v4.05 (default settings) and i received the following error message. Is there a setting i might need to change to make this work?

Of note, I got the same error message when using the older version of amiquote as well today, prior to upgrade. I did have success about 1 month ago using the older version.


thank you in advance,

Yahoo changed their web site again in non-compatible way yesterday or day before. You can not do anything by yourself. We are analysing this and will decide whenever to remove this functionality completely or fix it again. This particular feature requires many too much wrestling as Yahoo does not deliver such data in download friendly way anymore.

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Thank you for looking into this. I hope that Yahoo begins to keep things constant as the fundamental data was a very valuable part of the amiquote software in my opinion and I would hope that it could be available in the future.


Disclaimer: I use Norgate NDU.

...but just thinking out aloud and well outside the box: would having a trusted senior who uses Yahoo data do the "Yahoo wrestling" for you and receive payment from yahoo data users via Patreon be an option?

Requires a level of trust (between Tomasz and the "wrestler") and assumes sufficient numbers of people are prepared to pay say $5/month for such a service.

Worth thinking about?

This is now resolved in 4.06 AmiQuote 4.06 released

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