AmiQuote will not Install

I am attempted to downloaded AmiQuote to try it out and I keep getting this error message

An error prevents this program from continuing
Could not extract the current file. Access is denied

Can you let me know how to fix this issue

There is a process running in the background that locked the file exclusively. If that happens you need to restart windows and then run setup.


Yes restarted but I still get the error
Any other suggestions

There are no other suggestions - if file is not locked by another process (some bad antivirus for example), then the only thing left is that you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS RIGHTS to install into the folder you are trying to install and that is why you are getting “access denied” error. It is YOUR computer, you should now what you are doing.
You are probably trying to install to Program Files without having access rights to it.
You should RUN FULL SETUP of AmiBroker from FIRST because AmiQuote is ADD-ON.

See also this:

The message “Could not extract the current file. Access is denied” means that either:

  1. File that is about to be written is locked by some running program (then you have to close the program or restart Windows). The easiest solution is to restart Windows and then re-try.
  2. The destination directory does not exist or is not writable. Make sure that destination directory exists and is not marked as read-only.

Nice email for a support team, Obviously you know everything .
I haven’t used your software before and after this email I am inclined to go elsewhere.

As Tomasz wrote - AmiQuote is an ADD-ON to AmiBroker. You need to have AmiBroker installed to use AmiQuote.

Have you tried installing AmiBroker in C:\Users\YourUserName\AmiBroker directory? I install some programs in such location, to avoid saving my personal or config files in some directories who knows where (just because the program didn’t have rights to save files in Program Files directory). You are most likely to have access rights to install programs and save files in this folder. It may be worth trying…

But what else did you expect from the support? In case you didn’t notice, you received two detailed answers not from an anonymous “support team”, but from the owner and developer of AmiBroker, who was trying to help you and provided you with some useful hints. If you are so disgruntled, try receiving support from Bill Gates with regards to Windows’ access rights :wink:

You are obviously passionate about your product. which I like a lot I understand that you are helping its’ just that I don’t know all about your product as I have used it before.
Does not do you justice to mention other software providers.
Thank you both for your help

… now I don’t know if it was a sarcasm when you wrote about “Nice email for a support team” or not. You wrote that after this email you "are inclined to go elswere " …

If the only reason for your decision (to go somewhere else) is that you are not able to install the program, I am sure, that this problem can be solved. Thousands of users have this program installed on various systems and configurations (ranging from Win 95-98 to the latest versions of windows 10), so I am sure it can be also installed on your computer…

And I can guarantee - AmiBroker is really worth trying :+1:


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I have the same type of problem. I purchased and downloaded AmiQuote directly without AmiBroker and successfully installed it on my laptop. Now I wish to add it to my workstation.

I downloaded AmiQuote directly again and installation seemed to go fine. Folders were created as before. Startup failed with the following message:

I like the program and could use some of your expertise.

Thanks, Dave

Maybe this wil help you:

Thank you for the quick answer. Before I proceed, I would like to present the Microsoft Warning for your opinion:

A security issue has been identified leading to a vulnerability in MFC applications that are built with Visual Studio 2005 and ship the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package.

Is there a later release of this required piece?

Thanks, Dave

I’m sorry Dave, I’d rather not advise you on that. Maybe @Tomasz or other user (more proficient than me) will respond. I wouldn’t like to misinform you :wink:


Thank you for your help. I should have mentioned it was a 64-bit installation.

I am downloading and installing what is required along with any security updates.

I read @Tomasz had recompiled the 64-bit version of AmiBroker and just assumed (I know) he had recompiled the 64-bit version of AmiQuote.


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As I wrote previously. Instead of installing AmiQuote alone you should run FULL SETUP of AmiBroker. It includes AmiQuote AND required runtimes. It is one install for everything and you don’t need to worry about runtimes.

Separate install of AmiQuote is ONLY provided for those who ALREADY run FULL AmiBroker setup. AmiQuote is an ADD-ON. It should not be used “alone”.

Different versions are compiled with different compilers and require different runtimes and they are only shipped with full setup of AmiBroker.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I appreciate your coding expertise and patience with new customers.


Hi Tomasz,

I have installed AB32bit and AQ 32 bit and they both worked normally. Per your comment, I tried reboot the computer, updating window 10, full virus scan of the system and still get the same error message when i try to install new AQ.

I successfully create and delete new directory under both amibroker and amiquote so these directory did not seemed to be locked and I access right dont seemed to be a problem either. t

Is there any other thing that I can try? Appreciate your comment and help...

Thank you,

So it works normally or not?

The error says what it says: 'could not extract file' means that the program is NOT able to WRITE file to the folder that you specified because Windows does not allow it to do so. There are only TWO reasons why it can't:

  1. the file is locked for writing by another (running) process
  2. the file or folder is NOT writable or your user has no write rights to that folder

Note that Windows by default PROTECTS certain directories (like anything inside Program files) form writing by non-Administrator users and/or not elevated users.

Dear Tomasz,
Thank you for your response.
Previously installed AB and AQ are working just fine but i just could not install the new AQ3.3.

i tried to address your comments by manually create and delete new directory under both amibroker and amiquote folder. It was successful so these directory did not seemed to be locked and I access right dont seemed to be a problem either.

I appreciate your directions.

Thank You...

Dear Tomasz,

I also checked in window setup that I am logged on as the administrator. Therefore the problem is unlikely related to access right. I certainly hope that the AB team will be able to help with a solution.


@etcjkam, as an additional debugging step, did you try to use a program like the SysInternal ProcessMonitor to see what is going on during the installation (what files and registry keys are accessed, created, etc.) ?e