AmiQuote with Quotemedia Data Provider

I own and use AmiQuote regularly since version 3.x. It works just as Tomasz says it does. I have run into cookie problems with Yahoo for the first time and have read the support threads, FAQs, and suggestions, but have not got it working correctly. This is my first problem with AmiQuote / Yahoo and I am waiting to see if it is a Yahoo problem (it usually is), since no one else seems to be experiencing it right now.

I would like to add Quotemedia as a Data Provider through AmiQuote. I have not done this before, so could someone be kind enough to guide all the AmiQuote users through how to add a Data Provider. Might I suggest ^SPX for the last year of Date, Open, High, Low, Close, data as an example we can all learn from.

Thank you in advance,

Well, the response has been a little underwhelming.

Reading the new thread above concerning Yahoo problems, I may have discovered a real problem with a change at Yahoo's end causing many users to report the same issue I reported here. What worked like a rock has run into a wall. I have not been able to download Yahoo data for a week or so.

Regarding my request for some simple guidance on setting up Quotemedia, has any one accomplished this with AmiQuote 4.02 and would be willing to share their .ads file for Quotemedia?

Short answer is: Quote media does not offer CSV downloads.

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