AmiQuote works normally, was: Not downloading certain symbols

Hello all - got a strange one for you. Amiquote has recently (as of 5/4/2023) stopped downloading new quotes for a few select symbols in my Watchlists (there may be others): SPY and QQQ.

I've tried running Amiquote one-time on just those symbols, but it doesn't help. Still no quotes after 5/4/2023.

Another slightly abnormal issue: sometimes it appears that a symbol hasn't downloaded, but when I quote and restart Amibroker, all is well - except for SPY and QQQ.

This is a weird one - anyone have any suggestions for how to diagnose the problem or seen anything similar? Is this a case of rebuilding my database?

Any help greatly appreciated!

For reference I'm running:
Amiquote 4.12
Amibroker 6.40.4 (Build 2 2022)
Datasource: Yahoo Finance

I can say only this: It works perfectly here. Checked now, proof:


All advice is already present here: AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions and there is absolutely nothing to add.

And I really don't want to enter another debate. Quite obviously, the software works as intended as it downloads data for all symbols. If "certain symbols" are not updated, usually it means that you have to wait for their data to actually appear on Yahoo.

As to:

After 5/4/2023 there is just a SINGLE quote from YESTERDAY (Monday) (May 8, 2023).

Also chances are that you just tried to download too soon when quote was NOT available on Yahoo yet. As always you should go to YAHOO WEB PAGE and verify manually if they get the data at all for particular symbol (Historical Data page and "Download CSV" link must be present)