Amiquote Yahoo data setup

Hi there
I am completely new to Amibroker and had some questions on setting up Amiquote. I emailed to Support on Jan. 29 and got a few links for reading. These two links are helpful. After I carefully reviewing them, I still have something questions not answered.
I will use the link HOWTO: Setup complete US stocks database using Yahoo free quotes. to setup complete US stocks database from Yahoo which stated that "There are only two steps required to set up US database with all US symbols categorized into industries" Just wondering

a. Is each US stock automatically organize to market folders i.e., NASDAQ or NYSE or AMEX where it is listed? Do I need to set up folders first i.e., AME before I perform the procedures included in the above link? If so, how?
b. For Canadian markets, are stocks automatically filed to market folders i.e, TSX or TSXV? Do I need to set up folder for each market i.e., TSX or TSXV first?
c. Does Canadian symbols automatically categorized into industries like US symbols? If not, what are the procedures to organize them into industry?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Automatic setup for US markets is… automatic.. sets up all required categories. But obviously as name says it covers US markets, not Canadian.

Thanks Tom! So what is the best way to add the industry and sector info for the Canadian stocks? I know my questions may not be as sophisticated to experts on this forum. I just donot want to mess up from get-go and spend alot time to clean up.

I am thinking of using ASCII importer as it is included in the Guide.

  1. My concern is: will this create duplicate symbols in the database?
  2. when I tried to do it, my csv file does not meet any of the file types (see screenshot below)

  1. I think I didnot really get it how to do the following: this is from the Guide "Now we can import it into AmiBroker and automatically setup all sectors and industries using this format definition

$FORMAT Ticker, FullName,SectorName,IndustryName

Do you mean using Import ASCII or Import Wizard?


Hi there

Please ignore my questions above. After I read more, I figured out answers to some of my questions. Now I imported all US market data using Tools->Update US symbol list and categories. But I am not sure if I imported correctly or not.

  1. The industry/sector in the database is different from Understanding categories, which has Basic Materials, while my database does not have that sector. Can you please let me know what sector/industry standard the database uses.

  2. 1740 out of 7247 U.S. stocks donot have sector/industry info, saved in "n/a" sector, which does not seem normal.

In addition, I will like to import Canadian stocks using Amiqote Yahoo data by using the following steps. Can you please let me know if this is the right way to do?

Since my Canadian data has industry/sector names different from my current U.S. stock database. I think I have to create a new database for Canadian stocks so I donont need to 1. revise my data to have same industry info with U.S. stocks 2. create new industry/sectors which will be all listed in sector screen, but a bit confusing since there are similar sectors with current U.S. database. Please let me know if this is the right thing to do.

Steps I am planning to do based on reading:

  1. create a new database for Canadian stocks
  2. delete broker.workspace file
  3. edit broker.sector and broker.industry file based on my Canadian data
  4. import ASII file with symbol, name, industry info.

Thank you!

Please see screenshot below for industry and n/a sector: