Amiquote Yahoo - OHLC & Volume are swapped

Hi, I have a strange problem in Amiquote yahoo import from this afternoon. Prior to this, things were fine.

After importing data from yahoo (using Amiquote) the OHLC are showing volume & volume is showing price.

The yahoo import file shows data correctly, in proper sequence. But Amibroker "Quote Editor" and the charts are showing the data wrongly.

any help in diagnosing the issue would be appreciated.

A screenshot of all the above is attached.


For the benefit of community,
I found a temporary solution to get the data in.
Temp fix:
Imported Amiquote aqh files through ASCII import route & the format file code as shown below:

$FORMAT Date_DMY,Open,High,Low,Close,Skip,Volume
$GROUP 254

@hareeshac, Welcome to the forum.

Please take a bit of time to do the following: License Verified badge

As for your data issue... It appears to me that your entire data is misaligned.

I would suspect your import file is not set up correctly.

Hi Snoopy, thank you.
I have just completed license verification.

Data misalignment:
I agree that there is misalignment. If I import Amiquote files manually it works, but doesn't when Amiquote imports.

By the way, I did a complete reinstallation & tried Amiquote import on a fresh database. It didn't help either.

Apparently your aqh.format file is corrupted and/or incorrect. That is the format definition used by AmiQuote. It has been explained in endless number of documentation articles in KB. Google or search the Knowledge Base.

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You are correct, Tomasz. The aqh.format file had the "AdjClose,Volume" swapped.
Thanks a lot for the help & the issue is resolved.