An Odd Run and Report

I completed my first apparently successful Analysis run utilizing a simple ema crossover formula. When I ran it on the Nasdaq 100, and then viewed the results, only tickers that began with the letter A appeared to have traded or reported any results. Any rational for this or what do I continue to do wrong?

Thank you!

@Floridafan nothing odd.

Please, review:
Symbol selection when PositionScore is not defined

Additional info, for something similar, in this previous thread.

I added the following code and still get nothing other than symbols that begin with A... Part of the code I added was from JBMarwood code for Trend Following, and part from your response to a previous inquiry on the same topic.

SetOption( "MaxOpenPositions", 20);
SetPositionSize( 5, spsPercentOfEquity);
// Use in Analysis - Apply to 1 recent bar
PositionScore = Close > MA( Close, 20 );

Filter = 1;
// Use your condition to filter the stocks - NOT for the PositionScore
// Filter = Close > MA(Close, 20);
AddColumn( C, "Close" );
AddColumn( MA( Close, 20 ), "MA20" );
// all ones or zero....
AddColumn( PositionScore, "Score" );
// For position PostionScore use something that will give many distint values
AddColumn( ROC( C, 20 ), "ROC(20)", 3.5 );
AddColumn( RSI( 20 ), "RSI(21)", 3.5 );

Your position score evaluates to 0 or 1, so you're not really doing much in the way of ranking your trade candidates.

I will try to find a methodology that makes more sense and that I can understand how to code.

Thanks for the insight.