An Urgent help for Analysis code

Hi Everyone,
I have a code to scan and send buy / sell result to my own server as below.
you can see:

  • on the left side, I tried to run "explore" function and it shows many results (for a symbol).
  • on the right side (my code), I used InternetOpenURL function to send a message to my own server but I realized it's called only one time.
    Can anyone help to explain?

If there is only one symbol selected which is clearly seen in the Filter, AFL thread runs once per symbol and therefore there is nothing wrong.
InternetOpenURL function will be called only once.

ie. AFL doesn't run once per bar, you may filter multiple signals and have multiple rows.

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I just noticed, you are passing Array variables like Close, Buy and Sell to the string variable message.
That will not append the entire array to a string if that's what you are trying to do.

You need to loop over the bars and append the variables elements that match to the string.

Thank you so much @travick.
I only want to apply this filter for 1 symbol. I am using intraday and I want to get all buy sell signal per selected day. How can I do it?

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