Analysis and backtest processing bars that are not there

I have an issue where the backtest and analysis is processing bars that are not on the chart. For instance WY had an abbreviated day on 11/28/2008. The bars in both my CSV data, and the chart are ending at 13:30 on this day, but when I do an analysis it is showing bars on 2:30 and 3:30, which should not be there. This is causing the strategy to take trades in a different spot than the chart.

Here is a graphic illustrating:


Is there a setting or setoption that will correct the backtest to line up with the chart?

It is way easier to spend some time looking for answers yourself.
It is infinitely harder for people who do NOT sit in front of your computer to figure out / guess what you did. We don't have magic mirrors and screenshots do not show the settings you use.
It is YOU who is the operator of the software and should be aware of your own actions and their consequences.
Now guessing game begins:
You probably turned ON "Pad and align to reference symbol" and reference symbol has those bars. Really please read the manual:

Before switching any option please do read what the option does. Each option is described in the manual. Please press F1 key in AmiBroker. In most dialogs it will open relevant help page automatically, so you don't even need to search for information.

If you are beginner, write down the list of what you changed so you are aware what options you turned on and try to turn them OFF (going thru list).

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Yes, it was Pad and Align, and I figured it out right after I sent the post, but there is no way to retract a post once waiting for the moderator to approve it.

If you figured it out "right after" why didn't you spend the time looking for answer before you posted?