Analysis and Batch Window default position and size

The are many topics suggesting that Amibroker save the position and size of Analysis and Batch window.

The way is today , each time opening somewhere with diferent size is very boring having to resize it and position it.

Would be possible at least permit user to to define the default position and size of Analysis and Batch window.?

By default, they are MAXIMIZED (inside AmiBroker frame).

Somehow I change the default, Batch and Analysis are opening like cascade window. Is there a way to set a diferent default ?

I dont think you changed the default. You just set a custom one.

This is just my observation, because i had also wished for this feature in Feedback center.

If you are using a Tiled Layout and saved that as default, AB will open with all the charts in that tile fashion. ( by using Tile vertical or Tile horizontal or dragged charts yourself)
If you close AB in this way, the layout gets saved as it is except the Analysis windows.

If you maximize the windows within the frame, then you don't have any tiles and the layout will be like the default shipped. here, all are full-sized frame windows that you see one after the other from the MDI tabs.
Maybe you can check this.

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@awilson, I'm not sure that this is what you are looking for, but perhaps this other thread might give you some ideas.

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