Analysis Settings - Stops Exit Intraday


I have performed some backtests using the settings as you can see in this screenshot

"Scenario: Trade Current Bar on Close, the stops exit Intraday"

Now I want to trade using same logic as it has been used in the backtests.

So I want to confirm my understanding of these settings:

  • Buy at closing price (near end of the day)
  • Exit/Stoploss at intraday low level

Please confirm if both of the above statements are aligned with the settings in the above screenshot.

Thanks :pray:

Re: Exit/Stoploss at intraday low level

I mean, I am supposed to Exit/Stoploss at intraday price, which may be the lowest for the day.

No, these settings don't mean that you exit precisely on low. These settings mean that you exit at STOP level, intraday, which might occur anywhere within High-Low range.

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Thanks Tomasz for quick reply even in the weekend! :pray:

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