Analysis Window Opens Minimized Instead of Maximized

I have had Amibroker for years. I must have accidentally hit something in the program because when I click on the new analysis window button after I open the program, the new analysis window opens minimized. It always used to open maximized, so each day I open the program, I have to maximize the new analysis window after I click on the button to open it. Does anyone know what to change so that the new analysis window opens maximized? Thank you.

Which version are you running?

6.00.2. Standard edition, 32-bit.

I guess that you are using "OLD" Automatic Analysis, not new. You can try just restoring it (instead of "maximizing"). For that use "restore" icon in the window. This state should be saved if you exit and re-run. If that does not help you would need to delete registry keys

The registry key is different for old analysis window

  • exit AmiBroker
  • use REGEDIT tool to edit the system registry (Windows Start->Run / type in: regedit )
  • delete all entries starting with: