Annotations Disappeared Suddenly

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I used to be able to find this on the web, but the search results seem to have disappeared, so sorry if I ask a question likely answered before on the yahoo forum (searching directly on that site didn’t help either).

I’ve been coding heavily the past few days and suddenly all my annotations disappeared. I did not change database or anything, I’m still using my NDU database as always as I’m beta testing program for Norgate. I did not change any Amibroker settings during this time, either.

I store all my data on dropbox so I’m hoping to restore my annotations. What files and/or folders within the database would be necessary to restore. Or is there an easier way to restore them?

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Annotations are saved together with price data in the database. There are A-Z, 0-9 folders there where the data files exists. See the docs:

So just restore entire database directory.

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One quick follow up question. I realize Dropbox only does restorations per file, and it will be very tedious to restore the whole database.

If I restore, say the NVDA file in the ‘n’ directory, will it restore the annotations for that stock, or are there any other files I need to restore along with it as well?

I’m also a little worried about all this because looking at the file history the timestamps don’t point to any odd behavior :persevere:. This is why I asked if there is any other reason they could not be showing up.

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Yes restoring nvda file will restore nvda annotations. And really you don’t need Dropbox. You can backup directory by copying it with Windows explorer.

Thanks for the info, Tomasz.

Also you are correct, Dropbox is not a great tool for backing up these databases. It’s causing lots of issues, such as my HD filling up with conflicted files. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is responsible for deleting my annotations somehow. The main issue is that a NDU update and maintenance scripts causes many, many file updates (over one thousand files being indexed!), for which Dropbox can’t seem to handle adequately.

I would even recommend outright discouraging use of these cloud type services.

Thanks for all the help!

The update to thousands of files is correct and expected, as we update the fundamental data in each security. Some fields, such as beta, change every day. In addition, every time you access a symbol it requests data from the data plugin and, if there is a data update, the data is cached by AmiBroker ready for writing into those files. This is typically done at AmiBroker shutdown or when you click File -> Save Database.

Database files and cloud storage don’t mix very well (and use a LOT of your bandwidth).

Thanks for the additional info, I’ve migrated everything out of Dropbox.

My original intention was to be able to run Amibroker on my Surface (for the daily grind) as well as my home server (for heavy simulations), however using a common database and static vars to keep my annotations and rankings. I thought Dropbox would help with this, but it hasn’t been the case.

If anyone has a better solution that actually works, I’m all ears!

Appreciate all the support.

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