Annoyance - Selector Cross hair Tooltip obstructed by date

Can anyone suggest a way to display the selector line (cross hair) tooltip so that the date from the cross hair (selector line) does not obstruct the display?


Try menu Window->Data tool

Move your mouse pointer higher :


@Milosz I see that simply moving the cursor higher works in some cases. However, my charts panes are not tall enough to get the tooltip out of the way! Once I move off the chart pane, I would get the new chart pane’s data.

@awilson mentioned the Menu Window->Data but I have no such item that I can find.

As Anderson Wilson suggested, you can use Data window:

You can also try to customize the Tooltip:


... and you can choose how long the Tooltip stays visible:


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The solution of cross hair labels not overlapping tooltip is simple one
-> just go to VIEW - X-Y LABELS and set to OFF.

You can’t have both worlds if you have small panes and don’t want overlapping. Either one or the other. You choose.

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@fxshrat Thank you. Your suggestion solved my problem.