Any 'must have' features added since 6.00 (2015)?

Considering updating ... any really significant changes in AmiBroker since 2015?


Everyone has their own definition of "significant" depending on how they use AmiBroker. You can read about all the latest changes here:

"What's new" includes only a small selection/summary of features added.

Complete log is available here: and in the "Release Notes" document (that is 1.2MB of text) and it has a whole lot more information than "what's new".

Some of must have features present in 6.30 (as compared to 6.00)

  1. AFL Debugger
  2. Batch Processor
  3. Matrix functions
  4. User definable GUIs
  5. dozens of new AFL features and something like TWICE the speed of old version (in 64bit)

$139/$169 for the upgrade is low price nowadays and will be raised soon (we did not change prices for many many years) probably differentiating between those who upgrade constantly (i.e. every 2 years) and those who make multi-year breaks.

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Thanks for the reply. Are there videos or screen shots of #1 to #4 so I can see what they are/how they work/look?

Yes, there are links to descriptions of those features with screenshots in the manual that was pointed out already earlier

At that link, I see screenshots of how the new Batch Processor works. Nice feature. But, I do not see any screenshots showing how things look with the User definable GUIs.

There are screenshots of debugger as well. As for User definable GUI - this is GUI that you can add to the chart via Gui* functions. There are examples on this forum

I spent some time looking in the forum and found GUI code but not screenshots.

A suggestion ... many of the Amibroker videos on Youtube are old:

Why not have a Youtube video showing the new features when there is a major release ...

Hello there are some private ones... this one is for the new Gui function

This one also AmiBroker - much more than just ordinary technical analysis software

And also a came one

And many more that you probably create

Thanks for the post, PanoS.

I think you should look at Amibroker differently.

  1. Are you using it regularly?
  2. Are you making money using it?
    If the answer to above questions are no. Then you are not serious trader and sooner or later you will stop using it. However you if the answer is yes, then for a few buck a month or equivalent to commission for a couple of trades a month you would be supporting this platform to stay in business. Guys like me who have been around for a while know if the these independent platform are not supported by the user base then they get sold to corporate and after a while development stops. In my case AIQ, metastock & wealthlab. I used Tradestation for a while, I paid $1200 for the license more than twenty years ago, it was never as good as AB specially for portfolio traders. You have no idea how good we have it with AB until one day it is gone.

To me, the the upgrade price is worth it for the matrix functionality alone - and while I appreciate the low prices - for what you get in return, Amibroker is really a steal for what Tomasz is asking for it - especially when you consider what other trading software/platforms cost.

I echo the sentiment that it is important to keep supporting an independent developer on a continuous basis. AmiBroker is very unique, and there is nothing else out there that comes close to what you get with this platform. Unless of course you want or have the ability to code up your own solution.