Any New Version of IB Controller?

Hi Tomasz sir and the community here,

in the documentation at “” on May 29, 2014 on IB Controller 1.38 , it is mentioned that “There will be higher-level interface that will be implemented later”. Any new interface is available?

In the Readme file on 6.22 FEATURE HIGHLIGHT it is mentioned that “we are migrating 64-bit version to brand new compiler (VC++ 2017)” . In this background, for someone new to application development, do you recommend/advise taking up an excise/project of developing IB Interface with new features in VC++ or C# or Python from the view point of ease of learning?

Also, please suggest if any third party interfaces are available in the market on payment.

New compiler does not change anything except the fact that it produces faster code for modern processors (i5/i7).

IBController is feature-complete. It does not require anything more than it already has.

What about the feature to transmit Order References? Transmitting Order Reference

This is feature suggestion. The place to make suggestions is the feedback center in the members' zone