Any String Operation Printing in the "Interpretation" tab

Hi, maybe this sounds stupid, but it is really annoying and it is getting my output confused.
Any string operation (ei. StrLeft, StrExtract...) is printing in the terminal window interpretation without calling printf().

This is a simple example that what I am saying:

printf(StrFormat("The volume is %0.f",V));
testing = StrExtract("abc,bcd",1);
printf(StrFormat("The time is %0.f",TimeNum()));

Interpretation window:

The volume is 67816bcd
The time is 150000

The output should be:
The volume is 67816
The time is 150000

How can I disable this kind of prints?

Automatic text output is on by default for backward compatibility with old formulas and can be disabled using:


or by wrapping assignment inside _N( ) function

_N( testing = StrExtract("abc,bcd",1) );

And obviously is all covered in Users' Manual: