Any thoughts about alvarez quant trading courses?

I am looking at the amibroker 101 and 201 courses and would like to know the opinion of anyone who has taken them and whether they are worth it or not.

Thank you very much!

I took both courses after having used AB for two years and I still learned a ton from them. I have more confidence now in my own code and I now know how to make sure that it's doing what I want it to do. So they were definitely worth it for me. They're great way for improving your AB skills quickly.


@EJSM , I have taken the AB 101 course along with the CBT course (presented by @mradtke) and found them both excellent. They gave me a jump start on the AFL road.
I highly recommend both courses.


i have no association with any of this... Never heard of these before... Buyer beware...

@yellowslug, you will never have heard of them, but both Cesar Alvarez (@CesarA) and Matt Radke are well-known in the AmiBroker community.

I have not taken any of their paid courses (having previous programming experience in multiple languages). Therefore, I cannot comment specifically, but if I were to rely on the answers given in this forum by @mradtke to questions concerning the CBT, I would have no doubts about his course!

Re the introductory course, on the website, I see that the price also includes a couple of hours of email/Skype access to Cesar to ask him any questions. It seems helpful to clarify any points of particular interest according to your trading style.

No affiliation - just my 2c.


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