ApplyStop and ActivationFloor

From version 6.25 beta, using the ApplyStop function I have been trying to use the new 8th argument "ActivationFloor" to porotect my profits, but it didn't work for me, probably I did something wrong:

=> I just want to protect my profits once in the trade; let's say I am trading E-mini Nasdaq: how to code that I want to protect 50% of my profits but only after NQ rises by 10 points ?
Prior to reaching 10 points rise, the original stoploss of, say, 6 points will still apply.

I am quite good at coding simple things and testing my ideas with Amibroker for years but here I seem to be stuck - please help if you can.

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@carlvan there are a couple of examples in this thread.

I never used this feature so mine is only a guess: the differences I see (comparing the code you posted here) are that the 4th parameter (Volatile) is True and the 8th (ValidTo) is -1 (that means infinite).
Maybe you should try these variations while waiting for other users to provide you a better guidance.

By the way, the examples comments indicate the ActivationFloor as the 8th parameter, but actually, it is the 9th.


Thank you Beppe, I will test the volatility parameter.

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