Applystop and ValidFrom


I want to understand better how the validfrom parameter used in apply stop is implemented by the backtester.

I understand that the default for validfrom = 0, which is bar 1 of the trade. So if we were to use an example of validfrom = 4, I assume that is bar 5. So if we are implementing a trailing stop with validfrom = 4, it seems that the trailing stop calculation (H - stop amount) is still being done from the bar 0, but a stop exit is not allowed unless its bar 5. If the trail stop triggers bar 3, the backtester waits to exit at bar 5.

My understand is that it does not mean the trailing stop calculation begins at bar 5's high minus your stop amount.

Also, if the trail stop triggers bar 3 but moves back above the trail stop in bar 4, the backtester still exits bar 5.

Am I understanding this correctly? TIA

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