ApplyStop with stopTypeTrailing. How to continue the trade?

I am using ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, stop_amount, exitatstop = 1); with stopModePoint = 3.
Take this example. I shorted a stock at 789 with trailing stop at 792 according to above. Now the next candle parameters are as follows := O = 787.95, H = 788.5, L = 785.25, C = 786.6. This exits at 788.25 value.
Now, the next candle is O = 785.55, H = 786.15, L = 782.05, C = 784 indicating that the trailing stop loss is still above the H of this candle 788.25.

How to modify the parameters so that this trade continues with the trailing SL.

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Thanks for the advice and the post. I am attaching an image with the graph and the required data points.
Seems like the first post cant be edited. The requirement is that trailing SL should be applied on the next candle. In the exit condition in the image below, the trailing SL is applied from the low of the candle to the same candle's high.

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