Array Slicing With Built-In Function

Hi All,

I have a quick question regarding slicing array , i.e , getting the
arrays values of interest; I know i can use a for loop to do this ,
am just wondering if there is a built in function; my goal is to
index the visible bars / bars inrange with my own indexing instead
of BarIndex() and perhaps save array memory.

Thank you

tempArray [0] = 0;
fvb = FirstVisibleValue(BarIndex());
lvb = LastVisibleValue(BarIndex());
j = 0;
for(i = fvb ; i < lvb+1 ; i++) {
  tempArray[j] = Open[i];

@fourier, Examples have been posted here already

Alright I will read through those post and try the sample codes, much appreciated @fxshrat .