Arrays of strings

Amibroker DB is designed for only Numeric Array. Because all functions will process only float/ date values.

Being able to use String array opens a huge world of opportunities to bring in qualitative data points like custom notes, News, social media sentiments, News Full text Search and lot more.

But @Tomasz what stops from introducing String Array?

If at all a user uses string array with a function that expects a numeric array then just show a error “Format Mismatch” or something.

varset/ varget is a very crude and rough way of mocking String array.

You can have string arrays / tables. There is OSAKA Plugin that provides that available in 3rd party zone. OSAKA plugin comes with source code so you can even tweak it if you want.

Frankly string arrays would be just waste of resources (imagine 10 million bars and string array having 10 million strings) and they are not provided out of the box, because typical user would shoot himself in the foot using them. Not every “feature” is actually good idea.

Instead you can have comma separated string lists that can be accessed item by item using StrExtract function.


Assuming we use the comma separated string literal for our pseudo array, what, if any, would be the maximum length Amibroker permits for a string literal?

There is no hard coded limit. Strings however tend to work slower with increasing length.