Artificial Future Bar (AFB) @ Exploration

Hello TJ and all,
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Would you please let me know, is there a way to run explorations at the AFB or including AFB?
So far I am using Filter = Status( "lastbarinrange" ) in explorations which does not include AFB.
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'Add artificial future bar' is a setting for portfolio backtester (it is in "Portfolio" tab).
It does not affect explorations.

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Hello TJ,
Thank you very much for your note.
I am sending orders to the broker using AFB. It helps to the debugging process to have the AFB visible at the exploration. I do not say this lightly because exploration is my number one debugging tool and lack of this functionality make it difficult to understand and debug what is happening at the strategy.
If it is not too much of a challenge to code (and if it is I am more than happy to drop it) would it be possible to add this into the next iteration of AB, somewhere in 6.4x.
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I support this request.

An exploration with AFB would be an easy way to provide additonal valuable information to the trade list. For example the exploration filter could be set to (Buy OR Sell) and provide information like market, currency or latest fx rate. For complex trading filters it could provide a drill down of the buy and sell decisions which would if included in the backtester results in most cases just bloat the backtester report - not only to the current trades but also to all trades in the past which is not always necessary.

Furthermore an exploration can include more symbols than the trade list in the backtester report which in combination with the drill down of the buy and sell decisions would be helpfull to investigate why a symbol has no buy or sell signal. This information would not appear in the backtester report.

But this is not possible if the backtester report generates tomorrows trades with AFB and the AFB is not accessible in the exploration. However this information is needed at the moment when the trades are opened or closed - not a day / bar later.

So I support adding the AFB to the exploration.

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