ASCII Import Definition Help

Exported a bunch of data awhile back from TC2000 v7 exporter.

The data with sector/industry is in this format(no header line)

AA,Alcoa Corporation,02/15/2019,28.71,28.93,28.20,28.27,33753,METALS & MINING - Aluminum
AA,Alcoa Corporation,02/14/2019,28.73,28.75,28.15,28.20,31683,METALS & MINING - Aluminum
AA,Alcoa Corporation,02/13/2019,28.81,29.55,28.70,29.05,43154,METALS & MINING - Aluminum
AA,Alcoa Corporation,02/12/2019,28.33,28.69,27.95,28.40,30123,METALS & MINING - Aluminum

I'm able to import with the import wizard using this

$FORMAT Ticker, FullName,Date_MDY, Open,High,Low,Close,Volume,IndustryName

I was hoping to add sectors as well but the seperator for sector and industry is a "-". Tried adding another line to the definition with


but I get a log error saying that close price has to be higher then 0.

Might be past the limits of the importer and a somewhat simple way to solve would be to create my own sectors, assign the industries to the sectors then rename the industries without the sector name in it.

Figured I'd ask here in case their is a simple way to define the import definitions.

It's pretty simple... To import file with multiple separators you just need one line to import as e.g. "comma or dash".