ASCII import watchlist appending only

Via batch the auto update of watchlists works fine for new symbols but does not remove old symbols. My format file contains:

$FORMAT Ticker, FullName, Date_YMD, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
$GROUP 255

I'm okay with the quotes remaining in the db, I just need the symbol removed from the watch list. I tried $OVERWRITE 1 from here Import from ASCII file without success but didn't expect it to work anyway as it relates to quotes. I'd rather not use AFL for this task.

$AUTOREMOVE would be useful! AB version is 6.30.5.

Is my expectation that ASCII import will mirror the contents of the source file into the watchlist incorrect?

There is batch step to clear watchlist (as well as adding results to watchlist).


Not present in the step list. Is a later than 6.30.5 version feature.

Yes it is later feature. Please the latest version.

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