Ask About change Date Ichimoku

Today 6/16/2017 but in chart candle is 5/8/2017 is because I put -26 for predict future (with ichimoku)
how can change date candle to be 6/16/2017 ? thank you

You are using some ancient/obsolete/wrong formula.

You should use genuine and current software, not something downloaded from “somewhere”

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Adi, shouldn’t you be asking your afl writer? Whoever coded that formula for you should teach you how to use it or correct errors in the code.

If you want properly coded Ichimoku for AmiBroker look through the post below and review PatterExplorer (provides those charts Professionally written and charted with free technical support for their customers).

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Ichimoku AFL does not need to be written at all. It does not need any 3rd party. Proper code is ALREADY shipped with AmiBroker, default installation in “Basic charts” folder.
The only condition is running genuine software setup, not some “copied” thing from somewhere.

The amount of nonsense that people are doing and the amount of time wasted on fixing that nonsense is overwhelming. Advice: start using originals.


Thanks Tomasz, I don’t ever use Ichimoku and was pleasantly surprised to find them in the Basic chart section. Sorry for not finding that to point out to the OP.

I use original amibroker, yes I know, in basic chart folder already have ichimoku but, ichimoku rule has future cloud its mean can see 26 future candle, in basic chart can not .

and basic chart not full trading ichimoku, because don’t have chinkou (lagging line)

Any line can be easily added. The point is that original shows how to do that properly. Hint: use XShift parameter in Plot() calls. That gives ability to shift visually graph line.

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