Asking about Data Plugin for Amibroker

Hi, I have already made a data plugin for Amibroker. My data plugin can use with Base time interval (1minute , 5 minute and other).

But I cannot use only End-of-day (Base time interval) as shown in my picture attached. Do you have any recommend about this problem. Many thanks.Capture

Hello wiwat,

  1. Change "Base time interval" to "1 Minute"
  2. Enable in "Intraday settings" - "Allow Mixed EOD/Intraday data"

regards, Peter

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Hi Pietro,

I have already changed Intraday setting (Allow Mixed EOD/Intraday data) but it seems not working. I still cannot use Base Time Interval End-of-Day. For Other Base time Interval is fine just only End-of-Day. Thank you

Best Regard, Wiwat

You did not contact us as instructed in the docs and you did not receive plugin ID.
Data plugins not registered with us will be blocked.

ADK documentation says:

For testing purposes you may use PIDCODE( 'T', 'E', 'S', 'T'), but for release to the public you should contact us at adk at to receive unique plugin identifier for your data plugin.

Now the problem:

You did not read docs and accompanying examples carefully enough.
To support given interval, plugin must export and properly implement SetTimeBase function. Details are described in documentation. Read it.

No, No, no!
Mixed mode must be implemented PROPERLY in the plugin. Obviously original poster has no idea what he did, so mixed mode is definitely NOT supported by his plugin.


Hello !! Tomasz !

I write a data plugin for Amibroker with our Broker api for realtime data .

how do i ask a unique plugin identifier for my data plugin

and i will write another data plugin for other brokers , what should i do for the others

thanks alot

It is described in the ADK (AmiBroker Development Kit) docs (ADK.html)

Hi Tomasz, Do you have any coding example for Setting Base time interval End-of-day in C++ Plugin. I have already looked into ADK docs but still not found the solution. My C++ plugin can be set for any base time interval except End-of-Day.

Plugin.h file