Asking if there is a way to fit the FX_entry rate on backtest

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I know that if we enable the dynamic rate , the contract size (shares) in Backtest will be based on the closing price of the FX rate .

However, is it possible to fit that rate as the close price of the related currency NOT the closing price ?


the EntrtyFX rate on backtest shows the FX rate on CLOSE not OPEN ( I want to have those FX rate fixed on OPEN price.

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in other words, can I set open price not closing price as the for FX entry rate in Dynamic rate setting ?

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Sure, create artificial symbol with FX rate that uses Close=Open and use that instead.

thanks Tomasz, could I have an example (code) plz? coz i am new to Amibroker...

thanks a lot !

Scroll to page #10, there it is explained again with pictured example.


thanks so much

thanks all the help above. wish you all happy new year!!

Thank you for making your excellent FX Margin Account tutorial available to us. Not only are you a highly skilled programmer you're also a very talented teacher.

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