Aspects of the Zig

Hi guys, I had a question I wanted to throw out to the forum about the ZZ indicator. I'll preface my remarks by saying that I have a basic understanding of the ZZ but I wanted to develop a bit of clarity around an aspect of it. I am also aware of attempts to ameliorate the so-called future leak of the last last leg with some older indicators.

So the question...

The Last Leg is of course unstable, it may repaint itself. However do any of the previous legs repaint themselves after they are no longer the Last Leg? I have seen some commentary that seemed to claim so. So are the previous legs unchanging?

Previous legs will repaint only if the historical data changes.
You might want to read this also.

Absent an error in the data, like an incorrect close or low, the previous legs do not repaint. That is what I assume you mean by historical data changes, is that correct?

If you work with real time data, and your vendor filter errors, is not uncommon to see past data change.
A wrong volume or even Highs/Lows of minute candles changing

Thanks Wilson, I forgot that you can tend to have that occur more frequently with intraday data.