Assigning GICS categories efficiently

Hi there,

I'm looking to assign GICS categories to my data in Amibroker. My data vendor doesn't provide any scripts to do this quickly, however they've supplied the Metastock data separated into their respective GICS folders in Windows. This is all I have to work with.

I've looked around at the forum and knowledge base and I couldn't seem to find a way to assign GICS categories to multiple tickers at once; only individually. I also couldn't seem to find any AFL functions that can assign GICS information, only retrieve them.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to assign the categories more efficiently based on what I have, it would be much appreciated.


Use ASCII import wizard

Gics import format file example is in devlog, for example

Great. Thanks for that :+1:

@plex , May I ask who your data provider is. I am looking for GICS assignment source. TIA

Hi I'm with Justdata.

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