ASX Intraday Historical BackFill Data Sources?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of any service offering historical intraday data (backfill) for ASX stocks? I have searched the threads and cant find a similar question for ASX.

I dont need tick data, but ultimately I would like about 5 years of clean 1m ASX data and a RT data feed on top would be a bonus. Would it then be possible for Amibroker to collect the RT tick data and package it into 1m bars and save it to the database?

I know paritech offer tick data but there is no backfill so if you are not logged on for a day youll have a gap. So its essentially a glorified DDE feed without the ability to request backfill.

I know I could set this up myself running from IRESS to excel and then into AB and prob figure out a way to save the tick data as 1m data blocks but Id like the 5+ years of backfill.

Additionally, is anyone aware of anywhere that has accurate “shares on issue” etc for ASX stocks that I can add to Amibroker?



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