Augmenting fundamental data extra from Yahoo Finance with more than 1 year


Going through this thread:

Downloading fundamental data extra from Yahoo Finance

good data in there, still - yahoo provides only past year worth of data. Is there a way to (manually?) add say, 10 years' worth of fundamental data?
How exactly is this data being stored, can we (automatically, through a script) add the data such that we make it available for analysis?


was thinking of a different thing. I have say, fundamental data for AAPL for the last 10 years. I would like to manually add them in AmiBroker's database. So, was wondering what files do I need to edit to add that data?


Generally with the exception of few things like dividends, building trading system based on fundamental data is more or less not-so-good idea as it might seem for reasons explained here: Differences between Norgate Data and Premium Data in AmiBroker - #8 by NorgateData

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